On the grandest stage of the game, Patrick Mahomes, true to form, delivered yet another stellar performance.

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In the closing moments of the Super Bowl, Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, orchestrated a miraculous comeback, securing his third championship ring.

As the clock ticked down to less than two minutes, the Chiefs found themselves trailing by three, facing the challenge of either securing a field goal to equalize or a touchdown to seize victory.

In a remarkable display of skill, they orchestrated an 11-play, 64-yard drive culminating in a successful field goal. During this decisive drive, Mahomes showcased his prowess by completing five passes for a total of 58 yards. Notably, a familiar 22-yard connection with tight end Travis Kelce set the stage for the game-tying field goal.

Kelce’s Signature Move

Kelce has successfully executed this play on numerous occasions throughout his illustrious career with the Chiefs, often leaving opponents, like the Los Angeles Chargers, in awe. In this critical juncture, the play’s success would pave the way for a straightforward field goal attempt.

Positioned just outside of the 49ers’ defensive end, Nick Bosa, Kelce initially gives the impression of preparing for a chip block to assist right tackle Jawaan Taylor. However, with a momentary hesitation, he plants his foot and swiftly transitions into a crossing route.

Facing man-to-man defense – a strategy frequently employed by San Francisco, particularly in the red zone – Fred Warner is tasked with covering Kelce. However, Warner’s reaction is a beat behind, and he is impeded by Noah Gray, who is also executing a crossing-type pattern.

As Kelce secures the ball, he charges forward, once again showcasing the synergy with Mahomes and setting the stage for an exhilarating climax.

Executing Crucial Plays

Trailing by three points in overtime, the Chiefs found themselves with a golden opportunity to clinch victory — and they faced this pivotal moment with resilience, relying on some formidable plays on fourth and third downs.

In a crucial fourth-down situation with mounting pressure, the Chiefs strategized to counter the anticipated intensity from Bosa by adopting an unconventional approach — they chose not to engage him.

At the snap, the Chiefs simulated a zone run to the left, prompting Bosa to aggressively target Jerrick McKinnon. Seizing this moment, Mahomes executed a bootleg play, rolling to the right.

The defense focused on Kelce, who was heading to the flat, and Warner covered Marquez Valdes-Scantling. This strategic alignment created a significant opening for Mahomes to exploit. Capitalizing on the opportunity and receiving a crucial block from wide receiver Rashee Rice, Mahomes not only secured a first down but also extended the drive.

With a pivotal third down-and-6 on the horizon, Mahomes was poised for his next consequential throw:

In this instance, the Chiefs once again employed a well-known passing strategy to outsmart the deep coverage and counter San Francisco’s blitz. Facing a four-man drop and a seven-man blitz, the Chiefs opted for a mesh concept featuring Rice and Mecole Hardman.

With the blitz rapidly approaching Mahomes, he executes a precision throw to Rice in full stride. Rice, running the nearest drag route, accelerates down the field.

Kelce delivers a significant shoulder block to a pursuing secondary player, creating a pathway for Rice to dash for a 13-yard gain. The drive would encounter one more crucial third down, and this time, Mahomes would take matters into his own hands:

As the game progressed, it became evident that both defenses were fatigued, and Mahomes capitalized on this realization. After receiving the snap, Mahomes dropped back, surveyed the field, and reached the top of his drop.

Initially looking to the right, Mahomes attracted defenders with receivers. However, as Warner pursued Rice across the middle and Kelce drew more attention away from the middle, Mahomes opted to tuck the ball and make a run for the first down and more.

Warner found himself out of position, taking a misguided angle, allowing Mahomes to turn the gain into a 22-yard sprint into the red zone. Not opting to slide, Mahomes absorbed a hit but secured the crucial yards that positioned his team for victory.

Sealing the deal

The Chiefs wasted no time attempting to secure the game-winning touchdown once they entered the red zone.

Head coach Andy Reid dialed up a tight end screen for Travis Kelce, providing him with an opportunity to clinch the victory. However, the play fell just shy of the intended goal.

After receiving the snap, Mahomes initially gazes towards the right as if he intends to move in that direction. This strategic move freezes Bosa momentarily. Simultaneously, Kelce makes a decisive break to the inside, setting the stage for a tight end screen. Effective blocks from Trey Smith and Nick Allegretti keep the play alive, but Kelce is contained after gaining just seven yards.

This sequence paved the way for a historic play that would be etched in the annals of football history.

Reid reserved his most ingenious design for this crucial moment, incorporating two concepts that have proven successful for the Chiefs in scoring within the red zone in the past.

The game-winning play featured Hardman executing the return motion known as “Corndog” – a play that proved successful for the Chiefs twice in the previous year’s Super Bowl, resulting in two touchdowns.

Pre-snap, Hardman makes a short motion and then returns to the outside once the ball is in play.

To enhance the play’s complexity, they incorporated a “power-shovel” look on the inside. This play has become a red-zone staple for the Chiefs and was previously executed with Jerrick McKinnon, who was the running back at the time.

The shovel look, accompanied by Allegretti pulling, and a double-team block from Taylor and Smith, freeze the linebackers. Bosa charges towards McKinnon, but Mahomes adeptly maneuvers around him. Cornerback Charvarius Ward sticks with Kelce, while Warner and the slot defender pursue Mahomes, who delivers a precise throw.

This strategic combination leaves Hardman wide open for the Super Bowl-winning touchdown.

In summary,

Mahomes and the Chiefs inaugurated their dynasty with this triumph, culminating in a dramatic 13-play, 75-yard overtime touchdown drive. This championship, following the challenges of the regular season, marked the pinnacle of a remarkable campaign and firmly established the Chiefs’ legacy in the annals of history.


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